Alex Korovin

Creative Director of the MIXBAG project
I mototravel, see ideas,
and create new things.
I experiment and invent.
All while running my businesses.
Alona Andrienko


Contact me anytime
with your proposal or idea for any kind of partnerships. We are looking for partners, employees and good friends.
Besides I solve "unsolvable" problems
and financial challenges
Victor Novik

Partner Relationships and Public Relations
If you are interested in wholesale
purchases of MIXBAG and you want
to become our partner, then
I’m the person you are looking for.
Talk to me if you are an editor
of a popular website.
Alyona Kitova

Advertising and Design

Are you interested in reviewing
MIXBAG for your website?
I am happy to provide photos,
illustrations, graphics, and samples.
Dmitry Kolesnik

IT specialist

I am here to help you with difficulties
placing orders, making payments,
or any technical difficulties
encountered on our website.
Contact us
Name, last name

+1 347 522 45 70
+38 067 542 02 62