Help List

Here you can find the contacts of MIXBAG owners, who are ready to help the like-minded persons (to help with visitor visa, overnight stay, hot shower and home-made food; who can tell where the best gift-shop locates; or the owner is simply sincere guy and it’s cool just to drink beer with him, by the way, it’s not obligatory to be a “guy”)
Sign up on the Help-List, indicate how you can be reached and what help you can offer.
Planning a trip to another city (a business trip, a journey or just for relax) check out Help-List, maybe you will find one (or even more) MIXBAG owner who lives in this city and who is ready to help with something or just to chat with you. And just in case: being a guest, be polite, listen to elders, give up your seat for old women and don’t swim behind buoys)).

Here are collected the contacts of MIXBAG owners, who are ready to help the like-minded persons.

Country City Contacts Name What I can offer
Ukraine Kharkov Alex Korovin I will be glad to see adventurers who appeared in Kharkov.
Lodging for one or two nights, any help, interesting stories))
Ukraine Khartsyzsk, Makeevka, Ilovaysk and Zugres +38-095-164-39-95
Andrei Vladychenko I don't have a welding unit but I have a desire to help. I can organize repar work and interesting leasure-time)) The main thing is that I will be there, on site. I have remembered the help of bikers in Balaklava perfectly well. When the frame of my bike has cracked, they saved my mini-trip 3000 km. I will do all I can and find people who will be able to help.
Russia Chelyabinsk +8-922-711-66-06
Skype:DenZikOld, LJ:DenZik1
Denis Atmanovskiy Depending on the situation I will do all I can, because I’m a self-driving tourist now and a moto-tourist in future
Ukraine Zaporozhe +38-099-458-79-81
Anton Bondarenko Lodging for the night, tours of the city and legendary Khortitsa
Russia Tula +7-910-163-50-27
Nikita Tikhonov Lodging for the night, shower, garage and help in repair (if needed), city tours, etc., depending on the situation.
Russia Moscow +7-919-764-28-80
Eugene Bobrikov If it’s not a business trip, I can offer a lodging for a night and a shower. There is a guarded parking near the house. I will do all I can.
Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk +38-063-652-78-02
Elena Ivanova I’m not a “sincere guy” but I’ll render all the possible help, treat you to tasty coffee and tell or listen to the interesting stories. And of course the night’s lodging for travelers is always here!
Ukraine Mariupol +38-096-130-41-33 Miroslav Taranik Hearty hospitality
Ukraine Kiev
ICQ: 211723121
Skype: geen_in_skype
Gennady Oparey I won’t help with overnight stand but I can provide with coffee, advice, etc.
Ukraine Krasnograd +38-093-731-04-60 Sergey Buzikevich Food, overnight stay, good company
Ukraine Mariupol, Alchevsk +38-067-623-88-44 Andrey Korobkin Hearty hospitality and all the possible help
Bulgaria Razlog, Bansko, Blagoevgrad +35-989-798-56-68,, Toma Zhegov Overnight stay, shower, garage, help in repairs, excursions, skiing kit...
Moldova Balti Tanya Rabotnikova If anyone gets to sunny Moldova - welcome! Write me and I will be glad to help in kind word and deed!