MIXBAG user manual


Let us show you all the great features of MIXBAG. MIXBAG transforms into three main configurations. You’ll see what you can put into MIXBAG and the pockets, zippers, latches, hooks, and magnets that go into making MIXBAG, the transformer bag.

Front External Pocket

Huge amount of space in this most often used pocket. There is even separators in the pocket to keep your gadgets organized.

Key hook

The key hook keeps little things like keys and USB sticks hooked into its rightful place.

Latch hooks and rings

Our latch hooks are strong and allow for the easy transformation of your MIXBAG into numerous possibilities.

Pockets organizers

MIXBAG believes an organized life is a well lived life. We have pocket organizers all over MIXBAG. Organize your dynamic life with a MIXBAG.

Zippered pocket

This zippered pocket in the front half of the bag will keep small documents and other important items safe and easily accessible.

Separating pocket

Our pockets are designed to keep everything in perfect order. Separate your tablet from your note pad and pens.

Backpack pocket

Turn your everyday MIXBAG into a backpack MIXBAG when you expand this pocket to its full size 28 cm X 55 cm.

Backpack features

The backpack features a durable bottom, a ring to affix the backpack to your belt, and a side zipper for quick access into the extra space.

Pocket for a rain-cover

A wet rain-cover is not a problem when the waterproof nylon pocket keeps the wetness from seeping into other pockets holding your dry valuables.


Keep your MIXBAG dry during all weather conditions. Made of waterproof nylon, the MIXBAG rain-cover will protect both parts of the bag.

Pocket for MacBook/Ultrabook

Designed specifically to hold today’s mobile devices, this pocket offers plenty of room to hold up to 30 cm X 22 cm in the MIXBAG BEIGE 11”, or up to 31 cm X 22.5 cm in the MIXBAG BLACK 13” version.

Shoulder strap

When you’re not carrying your hiking buddy, take MIXBAG for a ride on your shoulder with our smooth to the touch shoulder strap made of non-slip materials.

Pocket for a bottle

We wouldn’t let you go without making sure you were properly hydrated. Our water bottle pocket has a zip fastener and makes sure you can access it at a moment’s notice.

Zipper on the shoulder strap

Use the zipper on the shoulder strap to detach the front half of MIXBAG from the back half, and you can carry just the front half of MIXBAG separately for smaller missions.


The magnets hold the front half and back half of MIXBAG together. Our magnets are safe to use near your digital and magnetic data storage devices.


The belt allows MIXBAG to be worn in any style you can think of, around the waist, over the shoulder, or on your back. The MIXBAG belt easily adjusts and extends up to 150 cm.

Zipper pullers

Tough yet stylish zippers allow quick access to your treasures inside the MIXBAG.


A separate waterproof nylon rain cover for the front half of MIXBAG, acts as a convenient carrying case to protect your MIXBAG.


When you receive your MIXBAG, you’ll find it packaged neatly and well organized. Read the instruction manual to learn all about MIXBAG, the transformer bag.


MIXBAG 13" has enough place to hold A4 size documents.

Materials The bag is made of durable, natural cotton that features a unique texture and is smooth to the touch.
Lining is made of resilient, waterproof nylon.
Accessories are manufactured using the highest quality plastic.