The MIXBAG Multipurpose Clip

Made of 100% titanium. Light, strong, stylish and durable, the MIXBAG Clip can hold a wide range of thin objects of a myriad of shapes, in stacks of various depths, and all in an easily transportable manner. You can use the clip inside your bag or wallet, or display it on your outerwear for people to admire.

Here's a partial list of what it can be used to hold:
- Money
- Plastic cards
- Documents
- Business Cards
- Books and magazines
- Keys
- Cables.

Use the MIXBAG clip as a:
- Money clip
- Card clip
- Wallet: clip cash and cards jointly
- Travel clip: use it for passport or boarding passes
- Book, magazine or catalog mark
- Additional organizer for your bag: attach the clip inside the bag and clip cables, earplugs, or anything else to it.

The MIXBAG Clip is only limited by what you can think up with your imagination. Be open to possibilities and use the MIXBAG clip to enhance your lifestyle.

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