MIXBAG special projects

MIXBAG special projects are the projects that connect people who are open to the world and to everything new, who live eventful dynamic life, filling it with unusual events and adventures.
In MIXClub we communicate and publish the news about our projects. In Help-List there are the contacts of our like-minded persons, who can help in the trip. You can also offer your help here. In Support of Adventure Seekers (“SAS”) Fund section we write about the projects that are supported by MIXBAG. Here the authors of the interesting travel-projects can place a request for our sponsor support.


MIXClub – it’s our groups on social networks. It’s a space for communication of the open-minded interesting people, MIXBAG bags owners, travelers and everyone who is close to the spirit of life in the motion. Here we publish news about MIXBAG, MIXOVKA and adventures that are supported by MIXBAG. Here we discuss the interesting ideas advanced by MIXClub participants.

Help List

In Help List are collected the contacts of MIXBAG owners, travelers and simply good people, who are ready to help the like-minded persons as the hospitable hosts.

Help List

“SAS” Fund

We support the most ambitious ideas of the most foolhardy people, if it’s in the way of journeys that go beyond the ordinariness, and write about the adventures that happen with these travelers on the way.