Maybe you know someone who can show you MIXBAG or even give it to you for a while to use– it will help to decide whether you need this bag, is it convenient for you. Seeing once is better than hearing twice.

For those who would like to know the consumers’ opinion about MIXBAG or what they write or tell about it on the Internet, here we collected all the publications, references and comments (these materials are in Russian... just yet :) ).

You can put your questions to whose who have already bought and used MIXBAG in MIXclub on facebook.com.

We are very grateful to the people who have written the references about MIXBAG and posted them in their blogs.
Article by Elena Tsokolova about MIXBAG on sostav.ru http://www.sostav.ru/news/2011/09/15/rol1/
Article by Galina Filips on style-fashion.ru http://style-fashion.ru/travel/MIXBAG-sumka-transformer-dlja-dinamichnoi-zhizni/
Post in Artemy Lebedev’s blog http://tema.livejournal.com/975155.html
Post in MIXBAG buyer’s blog – Anton Vorobjev http://vorobiev.livejournal.com/405378.html
Article on Moda.ru http://www.moda.ru/content/id/32793/17539/
Article about MIXBAG creation on designet.ru http://www.designet.ru/events/designnews/?id=45207
Article by Denis Dovgopoliy about MIXBAG http://dennydov.blogspot.com/2011/11/1992-jansport.html