Tell about MIXBAG

We have a great offer for those who have already bought MIXBAG. We are sure that the recommendation of the friends is the best advertising. And we decided: instead of wasting money on advertising, we’d better give them to those who will tell or write about MIXBAG.

Each MIXBAG is numbered and has its special ID code in the form of MIX ID XXXX, indicated on a plastic tag (MIX tag). Use it to get a progressive discount for buying MIXBAG.

Tell your friends MIX ID in any way: send out e-mail, publish to your blog, forum or website. So your friends will get to know about MIXBAG and if someone of them decides to order the transformer-bag, he or she will be able to use this MIX ID in order to get 10% discount.

And every time when somebody makes a discount order, using your MIX ID, you will receive 10% of the order to a "piggy bank". You can use these accumulated bonuses, buying a new bag because we are going to improve MIXBAG. And yet you can spend them on associated fancy features or transfer them to the fund of adventures.

To start discounts accumulation, create your account on the website, specifying your MIX ID and activation code, which is indicated in the manual to MIXBAG, in the registration form.